Act Government Administrative Enterprise Agreement

abril 8, 2021 Agustin

(e) indicate the date of the contract registration. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. A) However, this business premium includes ACTPS staff in the schedule A classifications of this award, excluding any other modern price. (i) By mutual agreement between the directorates and the agencies and the majority of the workers concerned, it is possible to introduce 12-hour workstations in accordance with point 5 – facilitation provisions, subject to: 4.3 The agreement between the Director General and the individual worker must be: 4.5 The Director General must give each worker a copy of the agreement and keep the agreement in the form of a time book. 4.10 The right to enter into an agreement under this clause is further and not intended to interfere with an agreement between a Director General and a single staff member contained in another warrant of this award. v) A person who is employed by that employer immediately prior to the conclusion of a training contract as an adult apprentice shall not be reduced by the conclusion of the training contract. It is only to set a minimum wage that the adult apprentice must continue to receive the minimum wage applicable to the Schedule A classification, in which the adult apprentice was hired immediately prior to the conclusion of the training contract. The competent legal authority, the body, the commission, the administrative unit or the autonomous instrumentation of the government of the Australian capital and 4.7 A Director General wishing to conclude an agreement must submit a written proposal to the worker. If the worker`s understanding of written English is limited, the Director General must take steps, including translation into an appropriate language, to ensure that the worker understands the proposal.

(iii) The allocation of hours covered in paragraph 8.2, point c) (i.e. 6 hours to 6 p.m.) may be changed by agreement between the employer and an individual worker for up to one hour at both ends of the spread. (c) detail how the application of each mandate was varied by agreement between the Director General and the worker; b) Any payment of a given annual paid leave is subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 17.2 above. The company to which this modern award refers is the company that represents the Public Sector Sector of the Australian Capital (ACTPS) under the Public Sector Management Act of 1994 (A.C.T). 4.6 Except under paragraph 4.4 (a), the agreement must not require the agreement or agreement of anyone other than the Director General and the individual worker.