Agreement Between The European Community And Canada On Trade In Wines And Spirit Drinks

abril 8, 2021 Agustin

Interim agreement on accompanying measures between the European Community on the one hand and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the other. Protocol 6 on reciprocal preferential concessions for certain wines, mutual recognition, protection and control of wines, spirits and flavoured wine denominations (2008). The EU has called for more information on the application of the PGI in Canada and has called for more clarity on the role of the Canadian Food Authority in cases of false, misleading and misleading labelling, which gives a false impression of origin. As explained earlier, Canada noted that canada`s and the EU`s GI rules are different. While implementation is carried out through various mechanisms in Canada, Canada believes that GI rights holders in the EU still have many opportunities to effectively address potential problems. Canada has encouraged EU officials to communicate these options to EU rights holders. Canada also stated that, in this sense, a delegation of Canadian officials from the relevant political services visited the EU from January 28 to February 1, 2019 to explain the Canadian regime established as part of the interim implementation of CETA. According to Canada, this was an important objective to help G-Gi rights holders in the EU better understand and use the Canadian regime effectively, including applications for timely registration of their wines and spirits with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. According to Canada, the reactions of EU stakeholders to the Canadian regime have been positive.

The EU has expressed concerns about the use of certain terms in the Canadian market. On champagne, Canada informed the EU that the competent authorities in Quebec have terminated all products bearing the terms «Champagne method.» The EU welcomed this information and called on Canada to amend the legislation governing the use of the terms «Champagne method» and «champagne cider» to bring the rules in line with practice. With regard to Irish cream, the EU has announced its intention to provide information on possible violations of the Wine and Spirits Trade Agreement, to which Canada has committed to act immediately.