Assured Organisational Connectivity Agreement

diciembre 3, 2020 Agustin

If you work for an organization with remote access through an old agreement, but you have not yet completed the transition to an AOC agreement, this must be concluded before home access is allowed. In this case, please email for more information about AOC agreements and to complete this transition. Limited housework is permitted; First, researchers will work for organizations whose agreement has been reached, and research is important for the current functioning of government and public services All safe institutions are closed until further notice. Some processing managers allow access to the home during this period, provided that certain criteria are met and that there are new data access agreements with the researcher. Researchers in organizations with existing remote connectivity may continue to work normally from their offices If current restrictions extend, it may be possible to extend home work for other important research. We will keep him informed if the government`s advice changes and as soon as the first tranche of these connections is effective and secure. For such access, it is always necessary for your organization to have an AOC agreement. In addition, recognized researchers may request access to their existing home-based projects, subject to ONS guidelines for access to secure research data as accredited researchers. If your organization has an Agreement on Secure Organization Connectivity (AOC) with ONS, please submit a homeworking request. If you work in an organization without a remote connection to the SRS, you can apply for an AOC agreement.

However, please note that this may take longer to comply with current restrictions, and applications are prioritized based on the importance of your research to the government. Researchers working with us in organizations that have a Secure Organizational Connectivity Agreement (AOC) can access the Secure Research Service (SRS) from their employer offices, and this agreement has worked well since its inception.