Scrap Contract Agreement

abril 12, 2021 Agustin

«sales contract,» a contract entered into pursuant to Section 2 of these terms and conditions; 2.9 No contract is considered valid if the terms of clause 2 are not met. 5.4 The company is entitled to compensate any liability that the Client has towards him against any liability it bears to the Client, whether that liability is liquidated or not liquidated, in accordance with the contract or any other contract between the parties or any other means of action, regardless of the currency of its unit value. 12.1 The client will meet all of his obligations in an appropriate and timely manner. Without prejudice to the above, the customer and its related companies will provide Sims and its related companies with appropriate instructions and instructions regarding the performance of the services at any time; (b) respond without delay to requests for information or instructions that Sims or its related companies or its authorized subcontractors request for the performance of services; (c) notify and immediately consult Sims and/or its related businesses if the customer or its related businesses are aware of potential problems or problems related to service delivery; (d) at no time will it interfere with Sims` provision of services, its related businesses and authorized subcontractors, or induce an act that would jeopardize or increase Sims` cost to its related businesses and licensed subcontractors in the provision of services; (e) to obtain and maintain in force all memberships, licences, registrations, authorizations, consents or qualifications necessary to carry out its obligations under this Agreement or in any other manner with respect to services, and (f) to comply with all applicable laws. 2.2 Collect and recycle sims, either through reuse or sale for reuse, of used metals from participating customer sites. Sims will respond within a reasonable time if it is notified by a participating customer site to collect used metals. To facilitate pickup, Sims can, at its sole discretion, deliver the customer (at the customer`s risk), jump/bins to store on its site. If the customer delivers the container or merchandise to Sims, it is done within two days of SIMS. 13.1 Time is essential for all dates, periods and deadlines to be met by the Customer in accordance with the agreement, as well as for all dates, periods and deadlines that can be replaced by the written agreement of the parties.