Sheldon Cooper Girlfriend Agreement

abril 12, 2021 Agustin

The relationship agreement. A term that many of us have known since its introduction in the popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The relationship between two main characters, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler «Shamy», is strange and rigorously defined. The relationship agreement serves a comic purpose according to the unpleasant relationship between the two, as they plunge their toe into the world of dating. In many relationships, this is actually a kind of evidence. The relationship contract stipulates that everyone must take care of the other while he is sick, but what terrible relationship would it be if they were not? Admittedly, this may require a little more effort for Amy, because Sheldon is so painful when he is sick that his friends literally run and hide for not dealing with him. Nevertheless, it`s definitely a good thing for every couple to take care of the person you love – and make sure they know it`s expected. I want one. In fact, one of his convention roommates, his girlfriend, and just for a smile, his rent. The relationship agreement is the 31-year contract that Sheldon entered into after he and Amy became friends.

The terms of such an agreement must be considered fair, both for each party and for all children in the family. Sheldon of course led Amy to sign a relationship contract on The Big Bang Theory – but what clauses are really useful? Only Sheldon would imagine such a thing, especially for a romantic chord! But yes, he and Amy actually have an agreed plan for what to do when intelligent dogs get up and take over the Earth (it`s about betraying the human race). Granted, this kind of hypothetical conversation with a loved one can be fun, but actually put it into a contract? That`s crazy! Most couples already have this agreement, even if they don`t recognize it! Sheldon and Amy wrote their birthday in their agreement, including «go to a nice restaurant and chat and have physical contact in a way that viewers would perceive as loving/intimate.» The contract should be concluded some time before the wedding and it is certainly recommended no less than 28 days before. This in turn would eliminate the proposal to put pressure on the other. Let`s be honest, what longtime couple doesn`t agree to do such a thing (to the bare minimum) for a birthday? And putting it in black and white only ensures that everyone knows what is the expectation of a great opportunity. However, when attending meetings, they must monitor the behaviour of the other «among their little ones» and try to speak in their primitive languages» (aka Penny). I don`t think so. In particular, section 4, paragraph 12, of the co-location agreement prohibits them from sharing the agreement with parties other than the parties concerned.