Site Plan Agreement Template

abril 12, 2021 Agustin

As a precondition for the approval of plans and drawings, the municipality may require the landowner to provide the facilities, facilities and other matters provided in the legislation by entering into a planning contract. A plan steering agreement is required if you want to develop the country. This is the process used to control and regulate various functions on the real development field, which includes the location of the building, landscaping, drainage, parking and access. A site plan control agreement ensures that you have all the appropriate permissions before making a significant investment in your property. In accordance with Section 41 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, the entire City of Woodstock is designated as a Land Use Control Area. In accordance with Planning Regulation 8711-11, a request for control of the town planning plan is required for the following developments: Section 41 of the Planning Act (Ont.) allows a municipality to develop a land use zone (or surfaces) within the commune. If a construction is proposed in this area, a developer must obtain the approval of the City Council (or its delegate) for the plans and designs of the proposed construction, as provided for in the legislation. The planning approval process consists of five steps: all land use bids must meet the requirements of the City of Woodstock Zoning`s modified local position 8626-10. Please contact the City of Woodstock Engineering Department or the County of Oxford Community Planning Office to check if your property is subject to location control. All new commercial, industrial and institutional uses require the approval of the urban planning plan. It is also necessary for certain residential uses, such as apartment buildings and townhouse complexes. Follow the link to the county`s website for more information on the location plan approval process and a copy of the site management agreement request.

If a municipality does not approve plans or drawings within 30 days of filing, or if an owner is not satisfied with a municipal application, including the terms of a development contract, the matter may be referred to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board) for a decision. The review of the situation plan refers to the procedure by which municipalities approve development in accordance with the physical planning, construction and implementation objectives set out in their official plan. Under Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act, community development is subject to location plan control. The goal is to ensure that development is compatible with adjacent or neighbouring land; Have safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles; Have proper landscaping, parking and maintenance Meet specific standards in quality and appearance; and, you build and get in the way that the proposal was adopted.