Wordfence Data Processing Agreement

diciembre 21, 2020 Agustin

We have signed a data processing contract with MailChimp. This contract is used to guarantee your personal data and ensures that MailChimp complies with applicable privacy rules and does not pass on your personal data to third parties. In the context of storage, a processing manager processes and stores the personal data of the person concerned only during the period necessary to achieve the storage objective or to the extent that this is granted by the European legislator or other legislators in the laws or regulations to which the person responsible for the processing is subject. In the event that you agree to keep your personal data, we will add this data to our pool of candidates. We will erase the data from this pool after a year. We note that the indication of personal data is in part prescribed by law (for example. B tax provisions) or may be due to contractual provisions (for example.B. Sometimes it may be necessary to enter into a contract for the person concerned to provide us with personal data that must then be processed by us. For example, the person concerned is required. B to provide us with personal data if our company signs a contract with it. The absence of personal data would result in the contract not being concluded with the person concerned. Before the personal data is provided by the person concerned, the person concerned must contact a staff member.

The staff member explains to the person concerned whether the legal or contractual obligation to provide personal data or to enter into the contract is necessary, whether there is an obligation to provide personal data and what the consequences of not presenting personal data are. If you are hired as part of our application process, your data from our candidate data system will be transferred to our staff information system. Please be very clear: we have not put in place a data protection declaration and we hope for the best. We have worked hard to fully comply with the RGPD, which has included a wide range of steps on our part. Look, for example. B the data protection authority in which we list our subprocessors that also comply with the RGPD. This allows you, for example, to get a request from an EU citizen regarding data deletion, send it to us and delete user data and make sure that our RGPD subprocessors are online right away. The iThemes Security Plug-In operating company for WordPress is iThemes, 1720 S.

Kelly Ave. Edmond, OK 73013, United States. iThemes` valid privacy rules are available at ithemes.com/privacy-policy/. Any person concerned has the right, granted by the European legislator, to obtain without delay the removal of personal data concerning him and the person responsible for the processing is obliged to immediately delete the personal data if one of the following reasons applies, if the treatment is not necessary: the use of the Facebook plugin is based on art.